I found...

I found cigarettes under my brother's bed and I think other drugs too... Not sure whether to tell my parents or not.

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  • If you tell on him, kiss your relationship with him goodbye. He may kill you to, like hand over mouth knife in throat middle of the night "omg idk what happened, did you say she's dead?" Kinda kill. Talk to him, see if he's an addict suggest help. Don't take his cigs and drugs that zhit costs money and will create hate. I'm a recovering addict and have lived through it.

  • Aaaa

  • If there were other drugs. I would suggest to keep on eye on him first. See if there are any changes to his behavior (lost of interest in favorite activities, moodiness, excessive anger tantrums, periods of unnecessary loneliness.)Cigarettes are not good, but he won't die (well not now at least). Trying something prohibit; is a risky behavior, which usually leads to other risky behaviors. This is normal especially in adolescence. The problem is when one of those risky behaviors puts your immediate life in danger and those of your loved ones. For example weed won't kill anyone, but if an adult person is caught (where it's illegal) an sent to jail for it, he might get killed there. Or driving under any influence (alcohol, weed, etc.) that is death right there. Anyway, see if there are any other risky behaviors he is doing lately. Also, if your brother is the type of brother who cares of what you think about him. Don't tell him yet. First, let him know that you look up to him. And whenever you have a decision to make you always think, "what would my brother do?" This will make him think twice about taking serious risky behaviors, which, always end up sadly in death or worse. For now it might be that he was just holding it for a friend or trying it. But if somehow the risks increase, it's your turn to let your parents know.

  • Why would you do that? Cigs are cigs. Unless it's like, meth, dont bring anyone into it. Siblings and teens are supposed to have each other's back. If by other drugs you mean MJ, whats the big deal?
    My guess is you're pretty young?

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