i had made a mistake on last saturday

i had made a mistake on last saturday nyte i was fytin wid a group of guys wid whom ma spouse has done a small accident wid a car n i hav beaten up a boy who was not havent done anythng wrong n in result they broke off th back window of mah girlfrndz car n it was all mah fault due to which 7 people are sufferin ........hw cn i be so careless...........oh god m so sorry i promise i wont repeat it again pls gv me a chance to prove myself evn gv back mah love i cant survive widout her......pls ask her to forgv me n u too for mah mistakes .........
i m sorry god pls gv me such intelligence hw shud i deal people n take care of a lady heart

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  • ummmm....this is awkward...

  • Holy inbreeding, batman!

  • Just cause some people arent as edumicated as u doesnt mean u gotta trash talk them. Like me for example im dum dum but does it matter no.

  • Holly stop insulting!

  • so get th h*** out of here n i seriously pray to god tht dont make mother f***** like u n pls punish him/her abt every mistake

  • hey man i knw u got educated in a very gud skewl ..........so pls get th f*** out of here bcoz u dnt hav ny ryte to teach ny1 wat they are writing or in whch languge they are confessin ......................
    ths place is not for u n ur kind of mother f******

  • stupid dumb f***!!! go back to school

  • The only stupid people are the ones that come on here and make stupid comments when people are only been sincere.

  • ya ok sir u r absolutely ryte ..................

  • this, among the other things god will surely ask me about, is besides the fact that you could have used the translator at altavista.com, writen this all out in whatever language you speak and then translated it to english. that would have turned out better then this, seriously give it a try sometime.

    I actually like giving proper advice on here, and not making jokes about peoples serious problems. but I honestly couldn't make sense out of your confession.

  • It sounds like you were dropped on your head at an early age and it never healed so that you could learn anything.

  • well if u can judge i alredy appologised for mah mistakes of all kind

  • sir mam god knws wat i did i knw he was thr whn i was doin tht n i knw he will dfnately gonna help me n i knw ma command on engligh is weak tht bcoz i m an indian n i knw hindi only n m still learnin ur langugae i knw i m too weak but will b better soon soo pls i request dnt make jokes on others problem .............wat will u say whn god ask u abt ths

  • wow, just wow. learn to read and write, then come back and try that one again.


  • Maybe god would actually be able to understand you if you spoke proper english. Maybe you wouldn't have there problems in your life if you got off the streets, and into a school, dumb ass.

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