Last year when i was 14 my dad

Last year when i was 14 my dad committed suicide in our garage..
Now everytime I shout at my mum, I'm afraid I'm going to drive her into doing the same.

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  • You shouldn't joke about stuff like that. My Polish friend's dad died raking leaves. Poor b****** fell out of the tree and broke his neck...

  • if u want to make sure she know u love her make love to her

  • that was very disrespectful.

  • The is .....
    He found out you were gay and couldn't live to see that his son was going to end up in gay p*** with n***** c*** in his ass...

  • omg last commenter dont say crap like that thats just horrible, its not ur fault ur dad committed suicide that was his choice not urs.

  • It's probably your fault that he commited suicide in the first place.
    Didn't he tell you that he really wasn't your dad, he was a woman in his previous life.

  • I wish u luck, and take care. :)

  • Thats horrible ill pray for u too.

  • You stole that from someone's Postsecret!

    Shame on you.

  • You will. Dumbass. She probably hates you already.

  • Terrible. Sorry. Don't shout at your mom.

  • I'm so sorry. I'll say a prayer for you....hang in there!

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