i only become interested in a girl when

i only become interested in a girl when i find out that she has big b******

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  • I agree with the person who said they will sag lol. Eww!
    Medium, or small b**** are perfect and will stay nicer longer too!

  • good screening criteria!

  • the first commenter makes the most sense (:


  • Wow you mad lol
    Would you like some j***? lol

  • k man i am so disappointed that there are ppl like u that say crap like that (to last commenter).

  • Its the only reason you should be interested in them.
    F*** if they have a brain, i'm interested in that and you shouldn't either!
    It's nice to titty f*** a big ol' breasted b****!
    Then you can j*** on her face when your done, the way a man has to!

  • Actually they are mamory glands. I cant stand when guys wanna hang with me because of my b**** like its nice that they wanna hang out but i cant stand when ppl are so superficial that way. Everyone says im lucky to have big b**** and stuff but i sometimes wished i didnt.

  • When you "find out"? Are your eyes broken? Letting a fetish rule who you date will lead to failure. Ten million other guys are looking for the same thing. Do you think you have something to offer thats better than them?

    Those big b****** won't stay like that forever. Age and sag, or a reduction for health can come into the future. They will change after a child and may never be the same again.

    Also, big t*** doesn't mean a long lasting relationship. I've seen it happen to a friend. Man, what a set, but even after marriage and a child she ditched him for another from her work. My friend was fit, highly educated, and reasonably employed. He taught japanese, chinese (mandrin), and knew french and a bit of german.

    Another friend would wait till the girl fit his requirement. He's still looking into his mid 30's. Bodies can change if the will is there.

  • Big b****** are just large bags of fat.
    yummy. :)

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