Am I a freak of nature

I am a 16 year old boy slender build with a B cup b****** and I have no friends. Girls stay away from me for my b****** are bigger than theirs and boys think I'm a freak.
It's not my fault I was born this way and lately I have been having dreams of being made love to like a girl but my body can't and I wake myself up and I find myself playing with my nipples which makes my body tingle and I get a ravishing h****** which I relieve myself and when I c** it comes out of me like it's being shot out of a cannon, never on my belly, usually on my b****** or my face sometimes over my head on to the pillow and it makes the head of my c*** feels like it's on fire and I fall asleep before my erection goes down. Sometimes I m********* 6 times daily for my shirt rubs against my nipples making me get a ravishing me get an erection. I feel like I was meant to be a girl but somehow I turned out to be a boy.
I'm sore torn up by all these feelings and I don't know what to do.
At 13 I had a girl friend and we became intimate but it ended when my b****** became bigger than hers and she called me a freak one night at a party and she caught me masturbating to relieve myself. Ever since then girls shy away from me but older men seem attracted to me, but I have no friends my age.

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  • There could be a variety of reasons you have gynecomastia but only a doctor can tell you why.

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