there is a girl im friends with and i

there is a girl im friends with and i relly like her, but im trying to
get over her, this is making me to depressed. every day i want o kill
my self, ive started to cut my leg so its not obvious, there are 18
cuts. no one has any idea how depressed i relly am. every one sees me as always happy but i just hide the depression. im to embarrassed to talk to any of my fiends about it.

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  • This is supposed to be a site where people can confess their secrets, but a lot of you people come on here just to talk s**t about other's secrets. I think that is rude, and I think if any one gets hurt because of it, God will show you that karma is real, and you will all get what you deserve. As for the comment, I think you should reach out to someone, anyone, and get yourslef some help, because no one is worth your life.

  • Stop looking for sympathy b****, just get it over it.

  • lol F** Alert !!

  • to last commenter shut up u ass.

  • Wow people are so whiny here...
    Sound like a bunch of f****** whores complaining
    I agree with that dude h*** yeah f*** that b****.

  • k man shut up does that really make u happy if ppl kill themselves? wat is wrong with u?

  • F*** this whiny piece of garbage!
    Get a 38 snubnose, put it in your mouth and say hi to your brains when they paint the walls!
    Waste of life!

  • omg second commenter shut up. You should i think talk to this girl. And also i feel really bad that u feel so sad. I hope u tell someone. :)

  • how about you do youself the favor and everyone else by F****** ENDING IT !!!
    you useless piece of s*** !!
    " i'm depressed because i really like this girl " blah blah blah !!!
    f****** blah !!!!
    you f****** cry baby !!
    grow some b**** !!
    heres a idea find a eletrical cord, tie it around your neck, tie the other end of the cord to a tree and HANG YOURSELF!!
    piece of worhtless s***!

  • does she know that you like her?

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