Kill yourself

I think it's hilarious to tell depressed people on these forums that they should commit suicide. I like to think about the lonely, depressed dipshits who kill themselves because of what I say.

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  • Ohh kaaay

  • Ordem

  • U aint God so dont go around making urself look like a creep

  • You sound so retarded and it seems that you need Psychological help.
    No fear in a few years time when im a Psychiatrist i'll make sure to come over and straighten you out.
    H*** i might even do the friendly thing and help you commit suicide!
    By then after noticing what a horrid person you are and filth that the world does not neeed you'd be begging for someone to kill you.
    PS: i'll very happily send you the message to push you over the edge just like you may have made those you sent others. (though personally i dont know how any one would care about a d******'s opinion.)


    P.S. have you ever heard the saying "karma's a b****" i think you can figure that one out by your self

  • Who is Karma any way!

  • Unless you repent, you will be cast into H*** and the Lake of Fire. Turn to Jesus before its too late.

  • Fake god based on fear and the desire to control people. you're as pitiful as the op.

  • I f***** your mum also f****** hilarious!

  • And you saying this s*** proves your life is so sad.

    Honestly I wouldn't doubt you're in a bad place in your life right now.

    And i bet I'm right.

    You won't get good things in your life if you keep doing this.

  • That's funny s***! I like to tell them to do that too! Do it!!! Slit your writs you emo f****!!! Haha, awesome!!!!

  • I think you should just dig a hole and die!

  • have you ever f****** thought about what may be going on in these peoples lives? do you honestly pride yourself on possibly tipping someone on the verge of suicide over the edge. Maybe if you lost someone you love in the same way you'd think differently. You are everything which is wrong with the world and I personally find the fact you think yourself funny for behaving in this manner disgusting. You need to gain knowledge into depression and self harm before ever acting in such a way
    I suggest you educate yourself before priding yourself on being a t*** to something you know nothing about. Good day.

  • You are obviously a depressed individual who needs help. Don't worry, I'm a professional. So, go to the kitchen, put a plastic bag around your head and make sure that you can't get any air in and then, well, you'll see...

  • WTF iz wrong wiff chuuu...?!

  • i think that you are a grade a dik'ed.

  • As you have done unto others, so shall it be done unto you.

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