I have had a shoe fetish since I was

I have had a shoe fetish since I was young. I love women's shoes, they turn me on, the way they look and the way they smell when they've been worn. I love heels and recently I have really gotten into flats, especially ballet flats. My wife knows about my fetish, and she kinda goes along with it sometimes, but not as often as I would like, and she is not into it like I am. She went away to visit family and while she's gone I went and bought a pair of ballet flats to "play" with. I was planning on getting rid of them before she gets back but now I don't want to, I really like them.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • To the commenter above. I am a guy, and it's really cool that you say you always feel really confident in them. I feel really timid around women who wear them. I almost faint! it's so stunning. I only had one girlfriend who I could express this with. We had an arrangement. Whenever she wore heels, I did as I was told, always. She called it "little wimp time." (I can't believe I shared this!)

  • I have over 100 pairs of high heel shoes. I have been collecting them since I was about 12, and I hardly ever wear any of them! But you are right, they do make me sexy (taller, thinner, nicer legs), and I always feel really confident in them. I have about 10 pairs that are strictly for f****** only. I like to have my man hold onto my heels as he is f****** me, or make me hold them while he is doing me. They make me feel so damn sexy!

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  • I'm the original poster, and not that it matters but I don't wear them. I just like how they look, and how on women they make their legs and feet look so sexy. I can assure you I am straight, shoe fetishism has nothing to do with being straight or gay, it's just finding an object sexy.

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  • It's kinda like a foot fetish thats awesome! and i agree with the third commenter.

  • I think that's cool!! i can see why you like them.

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