My Fetish

I have been experimenting with wearing panties since my childhood. I tried on my mom's underwear and she was never aware that I was doing this. For me it is more of a fetish than a comfort thing, but I do like the feel of nylon panties.
I didn't think anyone knew of my fetish, but my mother-in-law came to live with us during the last few years of her life when she became too disorientated to look after herself. For one Christmas she bought me a matching pantie/cami set from the Sears catalog. I opened this at a family gathering and was extremely embarrassed. Luckily, she did a number of strange inappropriate things and everyone assumed that this was just one of them.hen my wife was at work I asked her why she would get me such a gift. she told me that she had come downstairs one morning and I had been vacuuming in my wife's underwear. (My wife is very tny and there is no way I would fit into her underwear.) I told her that all en's underwear was not just white any more and that it was my own underwear. She said, "No Dear, This was a lace teddy," so I had to admit my fetish to her. I convinced her that I was not gay and would never cheat on her daughter, but that since her daughter didn't know, I hoped it could be our secret. My wife has never mentioned it, so I assume she kept the secret.


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  • How terribly edgy of you!!!!!

    This is roughly the 784,338th confession along the lines of "tee hee i like to wear panties" on this site. You're not the least bit special.

  • Wearing sniffing licking panties. .it's all good...momspantysniffer

  • People find out. I liked tights. I used to try hers on. I thought no one knew. One day mom bought some for me and told me to stop wearing hers. I was so embarrassed. Btw I a boy.

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