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So I have a foot fetish and on new years I gave some freshman a ride home at like 3 in the morning and the 1 that I knew had left her shoes in my car and I told her that I'd take them to her tomorrow they were the ugg shoes not the boots and because I have a foot fetish I couldn't resist smeing the shoe and I got hard and I cummed in the shoe and I feel really guilty doing that.. Should I confess to her or not???

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  • I did the same thing to a office coworker's heels that I gave a ride home one night. When I realized that she had left her bag in my car, I called her on the phone. She said that it was ok and that I could bring them to her in the morning. I took the bag into my house and took out one heel while putting the other to my nose.
    The scent of her damp foot sweat along with a hint of leather drove me to unload generous ropes of c** which ran right down into her toe imprints.

  • No DO NOT confess to her. I know you feel bad but it will make things worse to tell her. If you feel that guilty, promise to buy her a new pair because they got damaged or clean it REALLY REALLY good and say you spilt a drink on it by accident or something. Trust me, do not tell her that.

  • Don't feel guilty about it, just relish the fact you got the chance to smell and c** in them.
    I have done this sort of thing as often as I get the chance, as a fellow foot guy i can tell you make the most of an opportunity, they don't come along to often.

    As the other comment mentions it, don't worry much about the cleaning, i usually aim for the toe area, so maybe wipe the excess but leave a little for her toes.

  • Confess that you came in her shoe? Probably not. I don't know too many girls that would want to hear that or would want their shoes back. And if you do tell her, she probably would tell your entire school. So if you want to risk that, then have at it. You want to do something - give her money so she can replace them. And don't clean them up and give them back to her- that's worse than telling her. Tell her something else happened to them, like your dog ate it or they were mistakenly thrown out.

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