I'm sorry I'm anorexic. I only started

I'm sorry I'm anorexic. I only started it to get your attention. Now I'm hooked on losing weight. I miss being healthy but I love being admired for my skinniness. I'm going to get better one of these days, and one of these days you'll see me for me.

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  • nobody is worth hurting yourself, your better then all of them

  • its called eatting b**** !

  • I disagree with 4th post u cant just say im gonna get better today u gotta have patience with urself. u will just end up making urself frustrated. <3

  • i think ur doing great for trying to get better and you should take ur time, dont waste ur time with some guy that may only like u cuz ur really skinny my sister used to have a bf like that and she became anorexic but she dumped him. He aint worth it especially if ur gambling with ur life here and i dont just mean that u may die i mean anorexia can really mess up ur life.

  • You're not going to get better until you start saying "today I'm going to get better"....until then you're doing irreversible damage to your body and your mind.

  • Eat some food you skeletal t***!

  • thats good that u are striving to get better. good luck :)

  • stupid b**** he isn't going to look at you !!
    get over it !!
    grow some meat on your bones and stop trying to puke your guts out !

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