I get paid to make someone smell my feet

If you are a foot fanatic this may interest you. I'm a 36 year old female and I have a friend that pays me to smell my feet. It's a secret, his wife and my husband have no idea. It's a strictly plutonic relationship, his wife refuses to indulge his fetish and I need the extra cash. We all happen to be close friends and I've known about his foot fetish through his wife for a long time, it's a long story how this all got started but we meet in secret when possible. If we know a few days ahead I try to wear the same hose (rht's) at least two days in a row, sometimes three or four. I always sit on his stomach, he prefers it that way and I'm no light weight, I'm 5'8 170lb. I don't mind doing it for him and he pays me pretty well. I have sort of gotten used to the money so I don't see an end to it anytime soon, we just have to be discrete.

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  • This is exactly what im looking for right now. I want someone I can meet without my wife knowing on a regular basis. Im also goin thru what he's goin thru, my wife knows I have a foot fetish and does nothing to tease me.

  • What size is ur feet

  • This man is insane!

  • I'd pay to suck on your toes!

  • Men who pay for s** lower the bar for everyone

  • Strange id pay to smell lick your c*** but not feet

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