Hurt by your lack of love

So you're leaving the state because you think you'll be happy with her.Go right ahead.I was so blind to not realize that all along you were using me.You never cared about my feelings,when you would approach me and kiss me,and then act as if nothing happened.Because you never wanted me to be your butterfly.You didn't even have the decency to say goodbye,and I would bet that you left when you saw me arrive at the meeting this past Saturday.It just shows how you never cared about me.I would also bet that you're sitting in your room trying to justify your actions after reading my e-mail.I know there are a lot of other women who you've harmed,and that is evidenced by your voicemail box being full.You're not as enlightened as you think you are.Go try to be happy after you've broken so many hearts.You know what they say about karma.Let's not forget that it's so easy for you to reject someone for perceived faults.I challenge you to stick around with the new woman after you realize that she is not perfect.Aren't you always talking about growth?Time to walk your talk.You should know that while you have unresolved mommy issues,you'll continue in your quest for a woman who doesn't exist.I guess I have to thank you.When I was blind,I was content with the crumbs that you threw.Now I realize that I deserve the whole f****** pie.
P.S-You're not the only man who has touched me since I met you.

Aug 12, 2013

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  • Nothing but your children (if and when you have them) are worth going to jail for babydoll, and this fucktard is just that, a fucktard. Chalk it up to lesson learned, and remember the clues he gave you before you get involved with someone else. Good luck babes

  • You're going to need to get over it. Sorry, but the bitterness in your message shows you have a ways to go.

  • I guess.This is better than carrying out my violent fantasies of harming him.

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