He needs a reality check

My husband proclaims all the time that he's losing weight and thats why his pants hang lower on his body. In reality he's gaining weight and his pants have no where to go but down. Since he has no ass to speak of, there's nothing to stop his pants. As a result, his ass crack shows all the time. The last time he bent over, I saw so much of his crack I could've stuck my finger up his ass if that was my or his sort of thing. It's embarrassing and sad. He thinks I'm nuts if I suggest he buy bigger pants or shirts. He's wearing a size medium shirt but needs to be in XL. He tried putting a belt on his pants to hold them up but got this perplexed look on his face when he couldn't get the belt ends to reach all the way around and meet in the front. He said I just don't understand it-if my pants aren't staying up then I'm losing weight but I can't get this belt to fit right. I've gently tried to get him to see he's gained weight but he gets all offended and denies it. So, honey, I'm saying here what I obviously can't say to you. YOU'RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT YOU'RE GAINING IT YOU F*****!

On a side note his weight gain hasn't affected my attraction to him but his attitude of denial about it has.

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  • Wow, you sound like one raging b****!

  • Just buy and scale and show how he is gaining fat by numbers!

  • Precisely.

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