Strangge t is!!!

I really had a relationship of around two n a half years.. n i broke up with that guy because of certain circumstances and went into another relationship with my so called buddy.. the day i did i slept with him n i screwed up everything. oh god... i was not aware of the consequences...we started up things as in open relationship and he got serious and i did not...again stupid circumstances and emotional drama forced e being with him and now after one year i realize that i don't love hi.. its because of him i am with him and nothing else...obviously emotional attachment is there but not love... not at all.. i have still feelings for my ex and i feel like cheating my present one... i don't want to be with him anymore..and he is not letting me go..
actually he loves me a lot but he is not at all good looking and i feel embarrassed. i know looks wont matter after a point of time but i am not able to provide him the confidence of being with him. m waiting for the right time.. that's it!!

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  • I am sick of others getting my share in life. I am not treated just like 2nd grade citizen but a nobody and everyone else getting my share in life. I have hate for women who keep re-marrying and keep having kids and keep getting money. when so many do not have basic needs met. f*** you all. f*** I hope you all f*** yourself to death.

  • Breaks generally leave you sad and dn you fall for person who is supportive at that point.. How to tel him tell me that..

  • Why did you pick him in the frist place,,,,, now you use that excuse,,,,, now tell the real truth.....

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