I tried so hard

I've tried so hard not to cry over you, well tonight i cried and cried and now i feel like an idiot for it. i haven't heard from you in 3 months and it's killing me and yeah i promised you i would be happy but the truth is when i don't see you i'm not happy. i hate you for making me feel this way and i wish you could go through what i am going through but i know you're not because you never really cared about me that way i do about you and it hurts to know that.

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  • I've been feeling sad too without you. And believe it or not i care about u very much. Its not easy being away from you but you know why i did it, and u know what to do to bring us back together. I still have feelings for you.

  • three months ago i was just like this. im not saying its easy cos that the furthest thing from it but in the end i promise you it will all be worth it. tell your self you can get through it and you can. i didnt think i could but look where i am now. its just a memory. obviously they arent gonna disappear they will always be there but dont hang around living for the past. go forward with your head high and strive for what you want... happiness.

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