My Life :(

I don't know what happened to me to be honest, i used to be that girl everybody loved they thought i was fun to be with and all that but its not like that anymore, at that time i was 14 to 15 and know i'm 18 and everything is not the same anymore.I have this bad habit not talking to people like i get stressed when a boy or a girl talks to me is it because of my low confidence i really don't know. I am 18 years old and i have never ever had an boyfriend, and like i have these two "friends" that makes me feel bad like they are beautiful and all that but that doesn't make me ugly. When it comes to my look is not that bad but the main problem is that i cant love myself. And i don't have someone to talk to because i don't trust nobody and i just wish i could be the girl who did't care about what people had to say and i really want to show the girls that thinks that im not capable of getting the hottest guy in the room or that im not capable of living my life without them.

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  • I understand how you feel (: I used to be like that, and still am, but I'm 13. Listen, everyones' beautiful, some people just don't understand that or they don't look hard enough. & I think the world needs more listeners, I'm the listeners out of my friends,but they never listen to me. It is what it is, but I like listening to them & helping them out. My names Abigail, you can friend me on Facebook (My names Abigail Mckayla Richter) Just search me, and I'll listen to any of your problems :) You know, if your "friends" aren't there (: But like the person below me, you have a very low confidence level, please try to fix that (: I'm sure your an amazing person, & I don't judge people by their looks, looks catches the eye, personality catches the heart. & Nothing happened, you grew up, learn to love yourself :) I'm sure your a beautiful person inside & out! And don't worry about being socially awkward, You know what my motto is? Put yourself out there, & if someone doesn't like it, they must not be looking hard enough. Anyway, if you ever need a friend, Just Facebook friend me, you know if you want to (:

  • It looks like your confidence is very low for some reason. It doesn't matter what the reason is but what it matters is to try to build that confidence. You should never about what your friends and what people think of you. Don't go too h****** yourself. Nobody is perfect and just live your life and enjoy it. You will find a boyfriend its just matter of time and you will have plenty of friends. Just keep it up. You can talk to me if you want. Good luck.

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