Cheating friends wife

I have a park near my house that is very popular for runners but also a spot for people cheating on their mates. Last spring I was running in the park and see a car parked by the point. When I passed I see my friends wife making out with her old boyfriend. She is happily married with my friend and they have 2 kids. She is very sexual but not too pretty. She has this tiny little mouth that's very hot. Once I gave my friend a condom to use when we were living together and the condom was too big for him. They both called me out on it together and it was a little embarrassing. I just blew it off and stated I'm not big these are just more comfortable. When my friend went to he bathroom she whispered "how big is it" and I said the size of the small redbull can. Without a stumble she said if Ian had a c*** like that it would be hard all the time. I thought that was so hot and I always had a secret crush on her from that moment on.Getting back to the Point we made I contact and she also knew I saw her but I just kept going. Three days later I send her a text and stated I saw you the other day when I was running and we have to talk. I arranged for us to meet in front of a Macy's near this Mall that's close by. I said I saw you with Will the other day. She stared to cry and said it was just once. She was so scared and stuttering. I said I'm telling Ian, she said no please it would destroy everything we worked for. I said what's in it for me. She said what do you want? I said a b******. She starts crying again and I said just one. I then take her into this Macy's and have her makeup done professionally with my choice of lipstick. I had her little mouth outlined with black lip liner she looked so hot. We then went into her car in the parking lot and I'm in the passenger seat and I start to m*********. My d*** is so hard jut looking at her mouth. I then gently grab her by the back of her head and bring her down to my groin. She starts by licking the head near the hole and to see that small next to my thick rod just added to the intensity of the situation. I told her to spit all over it and by now her saliva is dripping down my s****** into my a******.. The head just barley fit in her mouth and she was choking on it. I then reach down her pants and started rubbing her p**** and she's getting wet. Now, she seems to be enjoying it I then start stroking my c*** and after 15 minutes blow a three day load that went from her nose to her right ear. Her tears then turn into a smile and she said I can't believe how fat it is. She then storms out of the car with c** still dripping from her ear onto the collar of a black bebe t shirt. I feel very bad about it but it was worth it. She then looks back at me with a smirk like she enjoyed it.

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  • I wouldn't be surprised if she asks you to f*** her in the near future. Her p**** will stretch a lot more than her tiny mouth. Now that she's had a taste of it, and since she's shown that she's a cheater at heart, she will want that fat c***. Just make sure that she c*** multiple times she she see's what she's missing and want it again.

  • H*** yeah she enjoyed it, i am sure that not the last time you gonna get that d*** in her mouth

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