Why do so many guys just care about

Why do so many guys just care about b**** and superficial things like that, like i guess thats ok but isnt there anything else to life?

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  • Bet u hav t*** like a robbin

  • Course there is more to life like good ass

  • We think alot about ass and p**** and good head

  • think of it like this- guys think about s** roughly 150 to 200 times a day. So when a girl or woman has nice b**** or is otherwise attractive men natural think, "Hey i'd like to have s** with her." As guys get older they become more aware of the shallowness that often goes with good looks. Just be patient with us we are a stubborn bunch.

  • you just b******* cause you're flat chested so go get some implants and shut the f*** up

  • i don't i mean yeah i like hot chicks but if there is a hot girl who is mean to me and an ok looking girl how is nice and has a good personal i would go with the ok looking girl

  • we want it because we can't get it as much as we want it.

  • if u could care less about what i have to say then why do u bother commenting? and to last commenter the answer is no.

  • here's a little test for women who complain about men staring: look down right now. can you see your own cleavage and/or your own thighs? if the answer's yes, then stop your b*******!

  • Your moms t*** b**** !!

    ^^ F** Alert!! ^^ lol

  • on whose balloons?

  • Its the way of the world b**** open your eyes, i could really care less what you have to say, all i want is to j*** on those ballons..

  • Actually a lot of guys b**** about being skinny and crap and do give girls eating disorders.

  • lol my eyes are open i think its u who needs to open ur eyes. Yeah a lot of girls do obsess about that but not in the same way.

  • Open your eyes! It's women who obsess with each others bodies just as much or more than guys do, only us guys don't b**** so much to give a girl an eating disorder...

  • ignore 3rd comment sorry

  • thats why i said so many not all.

  • That's not all guys care about.

  • B**** aren't superficial! They make the world go round....

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