Issues Getting Over an Ex

It's been a year since I broke it off with my abusive ex. They were manipulative in every sense you can think of. They were narcissistic to the point that they could do no harm or wrong. They had double standards. They tried isolating me from everyone I've known for years. They were jealous, yet had a wandering eye and kept pushing for an open relationship. They didn't know what NO was.


It was always my fault.

Every argument was because I couldn't take it anymore and would lose my temper after hours, days, or weeks of holding myself back.. due to things they'd say or do to me. Attitude thrown my way. Double standards set in place. Jealousy running rampant. Anger towards me for working or being with family.. is just a few of the things that would build up over time. Yet when I'd get annoyed or angry and explain why, I'd be shut down and told I have a temper and it's "not about" me and what I feel.

I was abused and used in our relationship. I was then degraded as a person in general after we had become friends again (for a short while). Which was 3 weeks after the break up. All because she didn't get her way one night. I never got to say what I truly wanted to say. Mainly because I don't think it will be heard or worth saying. It still bothers me though.

I confess that I'm still not over my ex a year later. I confess that I have regrets. I confess that it still hurts.

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  • Regrets about what? Escaping a psychopath.

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