My gf

I think my gf is cheating on me with guys over the internet i cant prove it tho i have caught her in the past she says she isnt but i just hae this feeling and the fact she talks to so many guys. But at the same time if i mention anything then it starts a fight but its ok for her to tell me not to talk to girls. =/ i dont get it i guess im just not good enough

Dec 6, 2011

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  • She sure is cheating b carful u dont get a dose from her

  • Do you f*** her? Because I hate to say it, a lot of the time when girls cheat it's because their boys will not put out. Do it enthusiastically and often and she will not have energy left over for anyone else.

  • thanks for actually not being spam but yes i have a very high s** drive and so does she and i actually want s** more than she does yes i know surprise but we f*** all the time and i make her c** several times to the point where she tells me we need to stop cause shes sore. but when i caught her before she says she doesnt even m********* shes just addicted to it and i dunno but i think she still is doing it and i really am worried shes goin out with someone else too.

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