Russian Roulette

My S.O. of a year thinks I'm on the Pill. That I always have been, always will be until we're married and ready. (We're headed down that road.)

I'm not. And haven't been for about 3 years. I have a health issue where I cannot be on it. And infertility is in my family. Plus, the risk = kinda fun for me.

I pulled the goalie, and he has no idea.

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  • Suppose you get pregnant, have you considered what his reaction will be? He'll know you've been lying to him. It could take a very long time to earn back his trust, assuming you ever do. He deserves better.

  • You're a horrible piece of s*** and no child deserves to be born to you. WHY would you put a child in the world whose father doesn't want it. what the f*** is wrong with you. i hope he leaves your ass before you 'oops' him and his life is ruined because of your selfishness. SHAME on you

  • Are you this utterly and inexcusably dishonest with him about EVERYTHING in the relationship, or just your ability to conceive and your birth-control status?

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