Serious pain

I have serious vaginal itch pain.

I have tried everything tonight from Vaseline, antibiotic ointment, thrust crème, nail polish, and mouth wash with a numbing agent...

I am really praying this stops... someone is doing wicca on me

my brother and DO and his filipenos are doing this to me.

all the pathology comes back with no stds but I don't believe them.

I have a little wart ulcer on my butt and a few strange marks on the v*****.

why wont they tell me the truth

the pain is so bad I am sweating from the pain.

I sweat, grit my teeth, cry, and go m********* some more out of anger

a vicious cycle.

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  • Nail polish sounds like a really bad idea

  • If the pain isn't lessening, and the visible marks aren't going away, you're being misdiagnosed and you need to go find another doctor. If you aren't going to a GYN, find one and go to him or her. Vaseline and antibiotics have their uses, but not for what you describe. And nail polish (I assume, and hope, you're talking about remover) and mouth wash are full of alcohol and are almost surely worsening the problem: it's like pouring rubbing alcohol into your insides. Even OTC anti-itch crèmes aren't going to be effective inside you. You need prescription medication and you need to get it from a GYN who actually looks at you. Stop s******* around with this and get yourself properly medicated (not self-medicated with quackery) and healed.

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