Why do i do it

I walk home from work it takes me about 20mins and then i noticed that the hot guy i work with walks home to so i ask him where he lives and if i walked home the really long way i could walk with his so instead of taking 20mins it would take me just under an hour and thats what i do every day after work take the long way just so i get to walk with him for all of 35mins but its worth it I'm sad aint i :(

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  • If you really think that this is what you want, then go for it, there are to many occasions where a person miss's out because of second guessing.

  • You probably talk about a lot of stuff during the walk, right? The next time he mentions something (like he's got the full season of 'Dexter' on dvd) see if you can use that as an excuse to go inside his house. Boom! Now the two of you are inside his house talking about something he enjoys... maybe he gets you something to drink... you sit down on the couch... rest your head against his shoulder... you get where I'm going with this, right?

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