I want him!

I have a boyfriend who i love and have never cheated on in all the years we have been together we are a happy couple then i stared a new job and theres a guy who works there and he's sooo hot i get to know him and find that he is married and quite happily to, i notice he's abit of a flirt with everyone and then he starts to flirt with me and yeah i like it but i don't take much notice as he's like that with alot of the other girls one day he asks me who would you do at work my reply was noone of course but in all honesty it would deffo be him he said i will tell you mine if you tell me yours i said ok he tells me its me I'm so shocked NOT he's*****going to say its me and for awile he keeps on flirting with me so one day i tell him this may work on other girls but but it wont on me, alot of the other girls act like school girls around him and im not going to be one of them no way, but something is telling me that he really dose like me, one day we was in the office on our own and like most times we are alone he flirts with me and i ask are you like this with all the other girls he says no just you, really? i say yeah theres just something about you now his answer seemed quite genuine and yeah i see him have abit of flirty banter with others but not like how he is with me and if me and the other girls are all in a room his attention always seems to be on me and i like it if we were both single ohh my yes it would happen i have been told that at past staff nights out that other female staff and thrown themselves at him and he has turned them all down but the vibe i get off him is telling me he wants me and the truth is i want him given the chance i don't think i would say no and i know thats bad as i am in a loving relationship as he also is but theres just something about him who knows maybe curiosity will kill the cat

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  • I don't know what your boyfriend situation is past what you posted but if you want to " give in to curiosity " fine. But ONLY do it if you broke up with your boyfriend. Cheating is dishonest and will lead to you hurting your boyfriend. I doubt that is what you want to do but it sounds like it is what your going to do. Just realize actions have consequences and one possible consequence is that you BOTH might end up SINGLE.

  • Is everyone who posts on this site an absolute moron when it comes to grammar? Come on, people, it's not even that difficult. Read a g******** book sometime, ditch your smartphone for a week, and stop obsessing over facebook 24/7.


  • You have a real problem using punctuation, don't you?

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