Truth and consequence

About a year ago, my i made a friend during an online writing course. At first I only talked to her when I needed an outsiders opinion on storylines, or someone to proofread. Then I went through a storm and my life and she was the only one there for me. Feelings bloomed from there; a year has gone by, and I fell in love. Proposed on July 4th and attempted to move her in this past weekend; only to discover that she's been lying to me. Her parents aren't dead and she's only 16.

I was raised to never make promises I couldn't keep, and in 23 years I never have broken one. But I promised I'd always be there for her, love her, and never love another. I confess, I'm upset over the lies, but not mad (like everyone wants me to be). I care about her too much. So now here I am stuck between moving on, and loving her. Apologizing to her parents for something happening that I didn't know, or just letting it go.

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  • Agree with the comment below. The idea of keeping promises is a noble one. And it shows that you are a stand up guy with a lot of integrity. But in this case, there has to be an exception. You are under no obligation to this girl. She has parents and she is not your responsibility. SHE IS A MINOR. The biggest issue is that you are in love with who she pretended to be. You were true and honest with your feelings, she wasn't. That's a huge point that you really have to process. You don't stop caring or loving someone over night, but you have to reconcile your feelings and treat it like any other heart break. So to avoid being further hurt by her, it's time to move on. Let it just be a lesson learned and know that someone else is out there waiting for you. Apologizing to her parents for what?? You were the one who was lied to. Let this one go. Stop or limit all contact, you need to move forward in your life. And next time, really find out all details about someone before proposing or having them move in. That's a risky move alone. Best of luck to you. You'll get through this..

  • I'm sorry to say this because it's not what you want to hear, but you have to end it for your own sanity and self-preservation. She formed the relationship (the personal one, not the online-education one) on the basis of several pointless and blatant lies, and there is absolutely no reason to believe that she won't lie to you anymore just because she's now been caught. You fell in love with a woman (not a girl) who does not exist, and so while ending it will hurt, you have to recognize that you aren't ending a real thing: you're killing a fiction. Close the book, put it down, begin another.

  • U going to jail

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