The "friend zone"

Oh the friend zone a cold, desolate place filled with nothing but fallen men. It is place where women shun us after they deem we are not good enough to be their boyfriend but perfect to be one of their girlfriends. It is here we here we wait and listen to our "friends" problems. Why you ask? Simply because we hold that last light of hope that we can evolve from just being friends and ascend from this god forsaken place. They say they want a sensitive man who understands their needs yet when he comes he is often not always but often cast here. While in this place we are given the label "friend" but what is a friend? A friend is there when they are needed through good and bad not just one who you call upon when your lonely then discard back to the bowls of this bottomless pit only to be called upon on your whim. But there is hope a way out brothers it's not with her though its through self respect by picking your ass up and saying lets be friends thanks but no thanks. Now are you with me?

Sep 1, 2013

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  • Sometimes, being in the friendzone is not be so bad:

  • Why do women assume we think we are entitled to s**? Where do I say in my post that she owes me s** please point it out for me. I don't want to s**** her brains out just a chance to go on a date to see if we are compatible or not. P.S true friends don't reject another friend then purposely tell about all the people their dating knowing that the other person has feelings for them and its hurting them to hear that. Seems kind of cruel to me when people not just women do that. This is all just my opinion of course take it with grain of salt if you wish and have a good one.

  • She doesn't owe you s***. Not just s**. She doesn't owe you a relationship, or any feelings at all. And if she's being cruel to you, if she isn't just clueless about what she's doing, then clearly it would not be a good relationship anyway. - Love, not a woman.

  • Yes I understand that very clearly. Now you can stop repeating what all the other women wrote. We know women don't owe us "s***" as you've said we just want a chance. So when the girl we're chasing won't give us this chance even though we were clear we were interested romantically and nothing else we move on no big deal. Just cause we talked a lot and texted and skyped we are friends now lol no. We are expected to be friends with women who reject us yea ima have to go ahead and say f*** that and move but in a nice way of course. You see I just want to move on forget about her nothing more yet she expects to be friends please tell me who's the self entitled a****** here?

  • WOOW. Finally somebody who cut the "friend" zone BULLSHIT. I have been "friend" with my ex for 2 years. She was talking to me when her 2nd bf started abusing her and after she broke up with him and met this new guy, she was calling me when she got pregnant and when she wanted to talk or help. Now, she doesn't even return my texts at all and she talks to me when she feels the need to. She keep saying the bs that I am the only guy who understands her yet she doesn't talk to me all the time. YEA RIGHT. Amen my brother AMEN..!!

  • Girls don't owe you s** just because you're their friend. Or ex-girlfriend. They don't owe you anything at all.

  • Did I mention s**? If we are "friends", then I just wanted to be treated like one or else who cares. It isn't about s** all the time but you seem like the guy who thinks s** is life..!!

  • If your only interest in a girl is the hope that maybe she'll let you f*** her, you don't deserve to be a friend, let alone more than friends. stop f****** pitying yourself and wake up, the "friendzone" is just dudebro bullshit. learn how to respect a girl and maybe one will choose you to be her partner. not just your f***-buddy. and this post shows a clear resentment of women for not letting you in their pants, even though you "did your part". your part is to be a friend, and NOT just to get something in return. being a friend in and of itself is what becomes a good relationship.

    -- love from someone who quietly crushes on almost every one of his female friends, and that's just fine.

  • Amen!!

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