My brother's best friend

I'm 13 and really pretty with brown eyes and black hair(im hispanic) .My brother is 2 years older than me and so are his friends,i know it's weird but i really have a "thing" for my brother's friends. IDK why,maybe i like it when my brother gets mad, it makes me feel like he cares when he gets mad.I know it's weird.i guess i like being "Off limits" to his friends and i like breaking that rule.I guess i like thingsthat i can't have.Don't get me wrong though i like his friends and i don't just use them.i'm just attracted to the kind of friends he has. They're hot,funny, and nice.They kind of flirt with me when my brother's not looking,but i don't mind.So,I made out with his best friend who he hasn't seen in two years.he was only 2 years older than me.He invited him to spend the night.They played video games until 12 am.The sleeping arrangments were that his friend "bob"(im tired of saying"his friend") was to sleep in the living room.Then my brother fell asleep, i have to share a room with my brother so his bed was across the room.Then "bob" came in and we were talking in my bed(before you say anything we we were just talking,we sorta used to be friends and were catching up.)Then i said i can't sleep and he said me neither.i said what can we do then because we cant watch t.v or my parents will wake up. Then he said "i know what we can do..." and he pulled me closer to him and he started to kiss me and i went with it cuz it was nice.I know what you're probaly thinking,he wasn't taking advantage of me i knew what was going on and wanted it.Then he got on top of me and took his shirt off and started kissing my neck then started to make out with me and touch me(no where near my private area im not like that)he was gentle,we carried on for about 15 minutes.I got more into it,taking my shirt off and kissing him on the neck and chest. Well my brother woke up and was like"vanessa are u still awake?"then he gets up and sees what's happening and goes"What the ****!!so yeah he caught us(with his best friend's hand in my bra and his tongue in my mouth, i know embarrassing.)I thought my brother a heavy sleeper,maybe i was a little too loud...anyway my brother just turned around and i guess just ignored us.Which is weird because one time when i was 12 one of his friends was leaving our apartment and when my brother went to his room his friend asked me for a goodbye hug and i said okay because im a hugger but then his friend kissed my neck and when i asked him what he was doing and he said it was just a goodbye kiss and then he hugged me again and then grabbed my butt just then my brother came back and saw and punched him in the face(my brother has anger issues and is a boxer.)Then my brother apologized that he left me alone with his friend and he was sorry i was just like ok.So you can see why i was so surprised i just felt bad so i told "bob"to get off of me and he did then i gave him his shirt and then fixed my messed up bra and put on my shirt and i told "bob" to got to sleep and he just said goodnight and gave me one little kiss and went to the living room. The next morning my brother was normal and just acted like nothing happened.It's been a few days and he seems not to have acknowledged it. I don't know what to do. i Guess i should talk to him idk.His friend "bob" still makes out with me when my brother isnt around.I don't mind if you judge me and make crude comments but just know this isnt bs this actually happened and i just wanted to get this off my chest because only me,bob, and my brother knows this and i just feel this isnt normal for my brother.It's ok if you give your honest opinion.

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  • Your a grown ass woman. tell your brother that. if his friend hurts you then tell him you'll let him know otherwise you need to love freely

  • 😐🔫

  • My life is just like this!

  • Actuelly It's cute and maybe your brother don't dis like the fact that you like and do Stuff with this BOB ??

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