Okay...I was looking/snooping thru my

Okay...I was looking/snooping thru my ex's phone today, and i saw texts that he sent that had pictures of his p****...and he received pictures of 2 girl's b******...

Now, I know we aren't together, but he said he would think about things and we're FWB...AND he said that he would tell me if anything was going to happen with anyone else...

i don't know how to approach him about those pictures because i should not have been snooping, but at the same time, he wouldn't have told me because he was just denying everything a half hour ago...

this def. breaches our boundaries we set up...

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  • Pictures aren't really that big of a deal, although I know it would drive me crazy too! But I can tell you from experience, being FWB with an ex usually just ends up making you feel worse in the long run... Find someone who will treat you right.

  • send out pics of your t*** then! and makes sure he finds out about it
    Any guy that's FWB DOESN'T GIVE A S*** ABOUT A RELATIONSHIP . So leave already and move on unless that's all you want.

  • he is an ex for a reason find someone who is evem prouder of his p****.

  • Any guy that's FWB DOESN'T GIVE A S*** ABOUT A RELATIONSHIP. So leave already and move on unless that's all you want.

  • Friends WIth Benefits

  • just cuz hes just got pics doesnt mean he hasnt done anything wrong u should confront him about it thats not right. even though u shouldve been snooping through his stuff doesnt mean what he did was ok.

  • FWB?

  • I think you obviously knew something was going on in the back of your mind if you felt like it was necessary to snoop...a woman's intuition is usually correct. I think you have a right to bring it up if he is going against everything he has verbally promised you...even if you aren't together. It's just like a friend lying and you calling them out on it. And about the FWB thing - cut that s*** out. I know it's hard to stop that situation once it gets started but it honestly just complicates things more and mark my words, as long as you guys are FWB there will be NO relationship or getting back together. He will say that there is to keep you around, but it wont happen! He's gettin everything he wants without the benefits! Why commit?

  • send out pics of your t*** then! and make sure he finds out about it

  • Technically, they're just pictures... for now. He hasn't actually done anything, or I'm sure there'd be some other evidence. Anyway, I don't know the circumstances of your breakup, but you aren't together, so let him do what he's going to do, and you do the same.

  • then kick his ass to the curb! if the relationship with him didnt work out, why did you think the FWB would?

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