Work lover

I and a woman at work love to jump into this lockable side room and I suck her t****** and feel her out. She gives me a BJ. I also love to suck her feet. She is an oriental woman. One day I just told her I thought I was falling in love with her. She was relieved because she felt the same way and I took her to this room and said, "wanna see someething"? "Sure" she said. I lifted up her skirt and started sucking her b****. She wanted to go to a hotel. It was such hot s**. I sucked her feet, which really turns me on, for an hour. I wanted to make it last. Then, when my d*** was dripping wet and bulging and she was as wet as can be, we both had oral and both climaxed almost at the same time! I love her and I especially love her puss and sucking those nice-smelling feet!

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  • >>" I lifted up her skirt and started sucking her b****"

    You fail Anatomy 101, virgin boy. Of course, going by your many many other "i luv feetz" posts, intelligence isn't one of your gifts. Stick to dreaming about feet-- spoiler alert, that's not where the reproductive organs are!

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