My brother saw my blow up doll

Ok so I have a blow up doll I keep under my bed. I have my own room. I'm over 18. My 16 year old brother was in my room looking for something under my bed and he saw it. I know this because I walked in and saw him looking at it. My face turned beat red and I just ran out of the room. I left the house for awhile. I came home terrified that my brother might mock me and stuff. I was too embarrassed to even face him. He didn't say anything but things are really awkward. Being his older brother he kind of looks up to me. This is really embarrassing. As far as I know he hasn't said anything to anyone. This happened 2 days ago. I don't know what to do.

Sep 7, 2013

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  • Yea he might be embarrassed but he might also be jealous of you for having one. id just warn you to make sure he doesnt use it when your out the house for a long time lol.
    If your a decent brother you should let him know that s** is normal and that its ok to like different things as long as you dont go breaking any serious laws xx

  • He's probably as embarrassed as you are. S** is a private matter so we feel really awkward discussing even with people we're close to. He almost certainly knows what a blow up doll is and what it's for so the best way to handle this might be to sit down with him and tell him you'd appreciate it if he kept the fact you have it to himself. He might be willing to just forget the whole thing at that point or he might have questions. Do your best to answer them and explain that we keep these things to ourselves not because we're embarrassed or ashamed but because they're personal. Things might still be a little awkward for a while but eventually you'll both get over it and probably even laugh about when you're older.

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