I count how many seconds it takes me to

I count how many seconds it takes me to pee and try to aim higher every time. So far my record is 76.

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  • dude thats awesowe i use to too

  • So do you try to let it out really slow, or do you let it all out every time? NO CHEATING!!!

  • LOL That's f***** great

  • Oh jezzz lol

    Ok take the F** alert back..


  • i used to do that too, well i stil do sometimes. But 76 is pretty damn impressive.

    We call that p****** like a race horse.. haha

  • from confessee:
    I am a girl.....so im not a f**....i just count...a lot

  • wtf lol

    Oh f** alert !!

  • I used to do that too. Try counting when you're real drunk. You'll beat your 76.

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