Love to pee

I love to pee yes but i find i have to force it i just want to find myself peeing in the middle of the night to feel the warm pee running down my leg

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  • Here I am again. The addiction is hard to shake. I am so weak. So wishing to feed the addcistion of vourism into other peoples imagination.

  • Let's turn off the lights and go home. This site is over.

  • This site has been declared -- by me -- to be a disaster area. I'm applying for federal assistance.

  • It's like you get married to someone and invest in the marriage and then they treat you like s***. You still feel connected to them but depressed at the same time.

  • Aw, jeez, what the f*** is THIS about? Why is this HERE? Why can't this s*** be kept straight? I hate coming here now. I think I'll just stop.

  • This whole site is insufferable.

  • Shut this m*********** down! Burn it down!

  • It's time to start hate-bombing these b******.

  • I used to love this site (have it bookmarked), but no new confessions in 13 days? That's too bad.

  • I need to block this site. it so wasts my time.

  • God, how I hate this site and the people who run it. HATE.

  • I am such a wuss. Addicted to this site. No new confessions. It sux so hard.

  • No new confessions. This site is so dead

  • Yes. Yes. Yes, sucks. It sucks HARD.

  • Build up. become addicted. then withdrwl symptoms.


  • This is awful. This place should just be shut down. SHUT IT DOWN!

  • I am addicted to this site but it's now such a let down. Takes too long to to upadate - any alternatives?

  • Go download the honestly… app

  • I HATE the feeling of my pee even touching me. Its so warm and awkward.

  • "in the middle of the night"? dude.......if you pee in the middle of the night youd be peeing in bed and the pee wont run down your will just soak into your bed covers and immediately get cold....and then youd have to sleep in it ............... dont be f****** retarded....

  • Https://

  • Why is this here?

  • You sounds like one of those a cocky pee!

  • This site sux. New confessions take too long to show up

  • Yes. YES!!!

  • Time to reactivate hate club...........

  • I m********* 19 hours everyday for the past 25 i don't have a sexual disorder.

  • Have you ever peed in your mug and drank it with your champagne at classy parties?

  • .....freak............

  • I agree. It's a turn on and relaxing at the same time. I find when stressed, it's so nice to just wet myself. There is a conundrum that before all of this, you, like me, have this desire to just wake up in a wet bed. The idea is nice. The thing is that once you achieve that, for me anyway it no longer has that same turn on factor. And let me tell you, women just don't find a man who wets his bed as interesting. So when your on your own, lying in a bed with just a sheet over the nice crinkly plastic mattress protector, maybe a nappy on too and plastic pants. It's all a turn on. It's also really really lonly.

  • I actully finally peed my sellf in the middle of the night i woke up in the middle of it couldnt beilve it hlfway through i wanted to stop myself but it just kept goin fellt real good had lil puddle underneth me so i just feel bak asleep with myhand on my private part

  • Here we go again. confessions take forever to get reviewed

  • I ask the universe to let go of all this.

  • Just relax.
    Practice peeing in the shower.
    Gradually you'll lose control.
    Be prepared for embarrassment.

  • You need to get somebody to pee ON you.................

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