I like to pee in bed

I like to pee in bed but not mine because of the smell. So I go to motels for the night and pee in bed, making sure to drink lots of water before I go to sleep. I pee 2 or 3 times while sleeping. I also pee in bed when I wake up. Then I check out. Often charged extra after the fact, but don't care. I keep doing it because it feels so good. My friend told me next time before I leave I should s*** in the bed too. Think I'll try it. Have a bf who recently found out and thinks its sexy, so he might join me. Would be cool to have 2 people soaking a bed!

Nov 23, 2016

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  • I dated a girl once, before I had a place of my own, so we used to go to a place in my car where you could park and fool around, without having to worry about being bothered. One time, after sucking and licking on her cl.it for a while, she said she needed to go pee someplace. Rather than stop what I was doing, and find a place for her to pee, I decided to tell her to "just let it go", and I would drink it. She seemed sort of surprised, but after I reassured her, she "let it go". I loved the way the flow of warm liquid into my mouth felt, and since we were both drinking that night, I got even more buzzed after swallowing all her p.i.s.s. I have to admit I really enjoyed the feeling of being her "toilet" for the evening, as I had never done it before. I miss the days of not having to worry about things like AIDS, HERPES, and some of the other things you need to guard your self against these days, since you miss out on some of the pleasure that could be had.

  • My gf gets off by straddling me and peeing on me in my bed. Then she wants me to do it to her. I must admit it is GREAT turnon. We don't spend the night in my bed; we go to her place to sleep, but we always have s** and pee in my bed. She has done this with other guys, so one day I expect her to dump me and I'll have to buy a new bed.

  • There is something terribly wrong with you, please see a mental doctor and don't go to any hotels I frequent your a first class j***

  • Stop spreading rumors. Dumbass!

  • Sick f****** f***

  • I find it so relaxing just to wet myself.

    But I find it abhorent that you would do such a thing. F****** disgusting.

  • Only did that in my adult life when drunk and pass out in bed...Woke up once, this past Summer, after a day and night out, and thought it was sweat. Nope, it was pee. And a lot of it.

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