Fantasizing about Teachers

So normally girls get turned on when guys touch them or talk to them or something. But I am different. I have a male teacher for math and when he brushed against me I was turned on, but not because I like him, because I like knowing what he can do to my other male teachers. I weirdly get turned on by guys making out and stuff(I'm strange Ik) so when my teacher touches me I immediately picture him and my other male teacher together and kissing. Is this even normal? I'm so confused about what I am feeling. Why the h*** am I bein turned on by my teachers making out in my head? A I sick or something?

Sep 10, 2013

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  • There's absolutely nothing wrong or sick about you. We all get turned on by different things. As the other commenter said, no one questions when guys get turned on by two girls with each other, so why should anyone question when a girl gets turned on by two guys with each other. There is nothing wrong with fantasizing about it and getting it out of your system if you will.

  • Nobody questions when a guy gets turned on by two women kissing, why the h*** should it be different for girls?

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