I am a man in my 60’s who as a child was spanked regularly by my teachers, my aunt and my grandmother. My Mother didn’t spank me but my father caned me.
All my punishments except at school were always on the bare bottom. At school this was occasionally the case but mostly over my clothes bottom.
If this was done by female teachers and my aunt ( who was only 8 years older than me) I would experience an erection.
Once when I was staying with her I came back to her flat from the shops but had forgotten 2 items she wanted. She was having a coffee with three of her friends, all a similar age. I was 13 so they were all about 21 or so.
She quizzes me about the shopping and because I had forgotten the two items she told me I was going to be spanked in front of her friends. It was a hot summers day, all I had on was shorts , pants a t shirt and sandals. She made me take off my shorts and pants and put me across her knees. She pulled up my t shirt to my shoulders and spanked my bottom for what seemed like 10 minutes whilst chatting to her friends. I was then fold to remove my t shirt and sandals and stand in the corner with my hands on my head until her friends had left. I was then given a slippering whilst touching my toes.

Dec 15, 2018

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  • You're a few years older than me but I'm from a time when spanking was common, though I'd never heard of anyone having to remove their clothing completely for a spanking.

    My parents spanked me but did it over jeans (or whatever I was wearing) and used a belt or wooden spoon. I had heard of people getting spanked on their bare butts but I hadn't experienced it until I was 13.

    I was staying with a friend during the summer while my parents were on an anniversary trip together. She was a strict woman (a teacher) and I tried to stay out of her way. However, I dropped an F-bomb when we were playing ping pong downstairs. Everyone, my friend, his sister

    His mom called me upstairs and brought me back to her bedroom. I expected a lecture, an "I'm going to tell your parents and watch your language in my house." I never expected her to spank me.

    She had me step about two steps back from the wall and told me to lean forward and rest my hands on the windowsill. She told me that if I moved my hands at any point, she'd add ten swats. I tried to protest but she wasn't negotiating. I thought this would be a spanking like the ones my parents administered until I felt my shorts and underwear coming down to just below my butt. She used a sandal that she'd taken out of the closet. I started to sob at about twenty licks. She wasn't swinging fast. For one, she was overweight and didn't want to wear herself out. I also got the feeling that she was making me feel it longer.
    I had my back to the door and she stopped for a second and yelled, "You kids get of of here and go to your room!" They were watching!
    I had turned to look over my shoulder but accidentally removed my hand from the windowsill.
    "Ten more!" She went to 50 and told me to pull up my pants. My butt was on fire and when i checked in the restroom, it was fire engine red.
    I apoplogized for cursing and she accepted. I behaved around her from then on.

  • I'm a boy fifteen and when I was thirteen my mom's boyfriend gave me a spanking with my underpants on. Well, I'd never been spanked before and I got a b****. He could feel it and then he got one too. He slid down my underpants in the back so he could see my butt. He started both spanking and playing with it and it got us really excited. He was watching me for the night while Mom worked nights at the hospital and we took a shower together and I slept in bed with him too! It got way more fun...

  • What did he spank you for

  • ? do you want to be spanked. again

  • Hi son and you there. my son gets erect when i spank him..

  • I am looking for a boyfriend and im 13

  • Love spanking my daugter

  • I get erection spanking our daughter, s

  • Do you spank their bare bottoms or over panties, how old are they ?

  • Panties or bare and their 9,11 and allmost 13

  • Do you spank over the knee?
    You eldest may be aware of your manhood enlarging.

  • She is i beleave and presses herself into me at times..

  • I have permission too spank my nieces and nephews.!

  • On their bare bottoms ?

  • Yes or panties and boxers...

  • How old is your niece ?

  • Well simply from a personal viewpoint , I didn’t tell anyone because I was too embarrassed . So it isn’t something that would have been reported.
    Separately I was at a friends house when I was about 11 when his elder sister was spanked by their father. She was put over his knee and had her skirt lifted and her knickers pulled down in full view of both of us.
    I don’t think this was an isolated event, it was rare but not unheard of in the 50’s and 60’s.

  • I love watching my sister getting spanked.

  • Did you like it

  • Yes and she got one off me earlier..

  • Yes I did, seeing an older girl being spanked on her bare bottom was quite a turn on. At first she did her best to keep her legs together but as the spanking progressed I got a much better view

  • As i said and i dont agree with how my wifes spanks our kids. but i do beleave in corperal punishment..

  • Following from my comment below about disbelief. Why can I not find any references to nude spanking in the mainstream press. There are articles about parents being arrested for shaving a girls head and making her run in a diaper. There are numerous articles about parents being arrested for beating, slapping, hitting but not one I can find where the miscreant was made to be nude.

    So if you know of one then tell me how to find it.

  • I dont agree with my wifes way off discipline. it is how she has allways done it and was spanked that way herself grown up..

  • I simply find it hard to believe all this nude spanking stuff. I was spanked and caned as a kid. So were friends. I can remember being at other kids houses and kids being taking off to other rooms to be "disciplined" and them coming back crying.

    Never once did I see a kid being punished naked. Never even heard of it.

    The sexiest was a girl getting spanked in her nightie and I did not even see that. Just saw her after. Plenty of fodder for teen masturbation. But really I just don't believe the nude thing.

  • Trust me my wife does it and we have five kids.....

  • Trust me my wife does it and we have five kids...

  • My wife spanks our children nude.

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