My brother the stripper

I have a younger brother that started to strip for money when he was in college. No one new but we all had kind of an idea he was in the entertainment business. This coworker of that I was close to invited me to her sister in laws bachelorette party. I hate these parties with the fake d**** and all the bs that comes with them. The party was held in NJ at some cheesy hall. We get there and start drinking and about an hour into it you guessed it my brother comes into the room dressed as a cop. I just got up and went into the other room. In a sick way i was curious about watching him a little. To my surprise my brother starts stripping and i was kind of turned on by the whole spectacle. He was hung and i would want to suck that fat c*** dry with my father watching.


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  • That's not sick it is completely normal. Have fun.

  • You are a sick in the head, nasty ass b****

  • You my friend are sick in the head, sick f***** nasty

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