Sister pornstar

My sister moved to California from NY after high school to try to get into modeling. After about a year and a half she had no luck. She started hanging out with these drug using groupies and started to go down hill very fast. She was running out of money and made the stupid decision to try p**********. My family was furious especially my oldest brother. She went under a name we use to call her as a child. After about two years she had her own condo and was driving a brand new BMW. My friends got wind of it back East but it was never discussed in front of me. I could only imagine what was said when I wasn't around. I new the names of some of the films but wouldn't dare want to see my sister naked( so I thought). This past July I was in the city drinking with clients and past a p*** shop in Union Square. I went in and browsed and to my surprise saw my sister on a cover kneeling down between five African American men. I know it was wrong but i purchased the DVD. I got home had another beer and opened the DVD and decided to watch it. I know it's wrong but I was really turned on by watching my sister blow these hung guys and see her face covered with c** to the point where you couldn't make out her face. I jerked off three times watching it.


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  • Link?

  • Name of pornstar, name of movies

  • Sooooo... what name does she go by?

  • You think your the only one. Regardless of blood or not she's still female. You may also have some issues with your own sexuality. To get off seeing a girls face covered in s**** is kind of demeaning. You may hate woman, I don't know. You should do the no fap challenge like my boyfriend did. It really helped us both out with his p*** addiction.

  • Feelings of desire for a sibling are not uncommon. Acting on them WITH that sibling is usually very awkward since you've known each other forever. In your case, however, you haven't actually hurt anyone. It's no different, really, than masturbating while fantasizing about your sister (and if a mans thoughts aren't his own I don't know what is). As long as you don't tell anyone such that it gets back to your family I don't see the harm.

  • I were only enjoying and masturbating..i have had the fantasy of my 22yo stepdau doing the same thing..she does bikini contests..I felt guily the first time I saw the bikini pics..but got aroused and masturbated to her beauty...not easy to deny

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