My wife has no idea.

I'm a happily married male, and have been for 6 years since I met the girl of my dreams my junior year of college. Before my wife and I started dating, I had a black roommate named Leon. Leon and I were randomly paired up our freshman year, and became very close friends. One night, Leon and I got drunk in our dorm, and somehow ended up watching p*** and masturbating together. (Mind you, prior to this, I've never had ANY homosexual desires, or done anything like this.) Maybe it was the alcohol, but the next thing I remember was seeing an opened bottle of KY lube on the floor, me on all fours in a desk chair with Leon inside of me. It was literally euphoric. We never kissed, never did anything passionate at all. We would never even discuss it afterwards. He'd finish, I'd go take a shower, come back and hang out as if nothing happened. This happened, on average, 3 times a week.

Six years and two beautiful kids later, we rarely ever have s**. Even though I never penetrated Leon, just the feeling of him being inside me gave me some of the most powerful o****** I've ever experienced. I "messed around" with several girls in my life, and have had some great s**, but I'd give anything to feel Leon's c*** deep inside me again.

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  • U became a f*****

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