Sleeping D inside me

My friend had a party and I had my bf sleepover. We were on our way to bed, I wanted to have s** and he was busy studying some things. I decided to go to bed and woke up a few hours later and asked him to put the things he’s studying away. He said he didn’t have protection and to tell me to just buy a plan b if anything. He got on top of me, we started making out. I was so h**** so we started having s**. I tried so hard not to scream and moan. He has a bbc so I was satisfied. We fell asleep while he was still on top with his d*** inside of me. It was the best feeling to sleep with his sick inside me. Can’t wait to sleep with his d*** inside me every night for the rest of my life.

Mar 30, 2021

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  • People who sleep with porch monkeys have no self-respect.

  • He has a bbc?
    You didn’t tell us this was going to be a case of b********* at the beginning.
    Girl, if you want to do gorillas that’s your business but making it public shows you aren’t alive from the neck up.

  • Nicely said👍

  • WRONG! Black men f*** longer, harder and are far more satisfying to a woman. My wife especially likes 2 at same time to really give it to her
    No way I could compete with that

  • Someone is jealous

  • Your wish will fulfill. Amen.

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