Surprised by my husband!!!

The other day my husband and I were fooling around and I had bought some new lube for us to try. So I get it out and I put some on him and start rubbing it on him and he starts rubbing some on me. All of a sudden he pushes me over, starts rubbing on me and biting my nipples and kissing on me. While he was kissing me he slips the tube that the lube is in inside of me! Totally took me by surprise! You have to understand that my husband in the 10 years we have been together has never EVER put anything inside of me besides his fingers or his rod so when he did that it startled me and made me scream out in pleasure!! It was the most amazing feeling!! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better today when we were having s** he whispers in my ear "put me in your ass and lean back". When he orders me around in bed I listen! So I did and he slides the tube inside me again! This time I was so overwhelmed with pleasure I almost passed out! I have never felt anything like it in my entire life!! I've always had fantasies about having more than one man inside me at the same time and if that is as close as I ever get I'm happy! I just hope he continues exploring with our s** lives because whenever he tries something new I end up being the one who gets the most enjoyment out of it!!

Mar 5, 2014

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