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I want to know if my boyfriend and I should go to a s** thingy.. I'm 15 and he's 17 and were doing touching, fingering me and sucking his manhood.. we want to take it to another level but we're afraid to do it because we are still virgin.. I'm sure we want to do it but we don't know how is the right thing to do.. the last time we tried it, my womanhood is dry,that's after he finger me.. then he tried to make it wet again.. then he tried to put in his d*** inside my p**** but it doesn't go on it..it was hard for him to go inside.. what's the best thing to do?? I'm always so h**** when I'm with him.. but we can't go on to a s**.. please help..thank you..

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  • You're sucking his p**** but if he's erect he's ready for penetration, so it is you who actually needs the oral more than he does! Get him to suck your t*** and then lick your p**** for as long as it takes to really get your juices flowing. That way you'll be well lubricated and ready for penetration. You can do it with lube but it's not as much fun, or can use the lube after you been licked if you really want to be sure. In cases like this it just needs the guy to do a bit more to make the girl ready, so if there are any other things that you like, such as having your bottom licked or your toes sucked, get him to do those as well. Have fun!

  • Artic561 at yahoo. Advice please

  • If you still call it "his manhood" you are not ready.

  • Put on a condom buy lube and go super slow

  • Give me his email and I will give him an advice.

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