Mother in law confession

I am now in my 80s I lost my husband when he was 45 to be truthful he was not a good man he drunk and had problems with life. My son in law has always been there for me .I was decorating and he helped me while decorating he brushed himself against me in a sexual manner \I moved away slightly said nothing. When having tea again he strokedmy legs I pretended not to notice what woman cant feel a hand on her leg. I flirted a lot with my son in law for years used wear see through blouse part my legs & showoff panties .All these years I have had the desire for him though never acted upon them . I want to tell him off my desires for him I think after all we should both clear the air and tell each other Am I Wrong to see if he really felt the same


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  • My name is Emmy,and my son in law is Greg. I started having s** with him about 15 years ago. I would always catch him jerking off to my picture and rubbing his c*** on my panties,when he thought that no one was home. I would just watch as he moaned and called my name and said that he loves me and wanted to be with me forever.
    My p**** would get so wet,and I almost couldn't control myself from going in the room and telling him to f*** me. Then one day he was coming out of the shower with nothing on,and his c*** was rock hard. I just reached out and grabbed his c*** and b**** with both hands and told him to come in my bedroom with me. He didn't say anything,and just followed me into my bedroom.
    I told him to get on his knees at the side of the bed,and then I took my robe off and got on the bed in front of him and spread my legs as wide as I could. I ordered him to eat my p**** and grabbed the back of his head and shoved his mouth on my p****. He ate my p**** for over twenty minutes and made me c** four times.
    Then he got up and pushed my legs back,and shoved his c*** inside my p****,until he was completely b**** deep. He left his c*** inside me,as we kissed eachother and he told me that he was completely in love with me. I told him that I love him to,and put my arms around him and pulled him as close to me as I could,and told him to make love to me.
    We made love to eachother all day,and he came inside my p**** more than 6 times. We have been making love to eachother for the past 15 years,and we are in love with eachother. I want to get married to him,and told him to get a divorce from my daughter,and we will move to Florida and live together.
    He said yes,and we will be moving next month.

  • Tell him you want him in you he will be glad

  • Go get him tiger!!!

  • Yes there is much to be ashamed are disgusting and you were so bored you allowed sick thoughts to take over your thinking instead of going out and diverting your sick thoughts into something positive. you need help.

  • My mother in law waited until near the end of her life to tell me of her real feelings for me. I wish she would have told me sooner. Our relationship would have been much less tense and stressful. We did have one great year together though. My wife has no knowledge of the affair, but often comments on how she wished her mother had been the woman she was near the end of her life, she was so much better to be around.

  • If you want him talk to him I am sure he will be understanding to tyour situation

  • Desires aren't bad. You just have to use your head about acting on them, which I'm sure you know. May the Goddess bless you and see you through.

  • There is nothing to be ashamed of, but at this point in life it does not matter , most people in their 80's are not capable of having s** and all is forgiven . it is not uncommon for these things to go on , especially when you were married to a not so good husband . My mother in law constantly flirts with me and when she gets drunk she exposes herself to me and my wife laughs . Once my wife said to give her what she wants , it will calm her down , so I did and she loved it . My wife was not angry , so Later it happened again , and again things were fine . The fact I did it in front of my wife with her own mom made it OK , in my wifes eyes , had I done it behind her back than that would have been very bad

  • Yes you are. That is your daughter HUSBAND. Do you want to ruin your relationship with your daughter over S**. Go out and find a man for you... Good luck !!!!

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