Exhibition at the Mall

I went to the mall today to do some shopping. I got tired and sat in a very comfortable chair. I was wearing a very short black leather skirt, white blouse and because I was going out later that day, I decided to wear a garter and stockings lingerie set. After sitting there, I noticed an older man glancing my way. At first, I didn't think anything of it until I glanced down and noticed that with my ankles crossed, my knees had parted slightly. I crossed my legs and thought nothing more about it. I was looking at my messages on my phone and when I glanced up, I noticed he was staring at my legs. My skirt had shifted up a bit and I knew that he could see up my skirt. I shifted in my seat again and uncrossed my legs, crossed my ankles again and let my knee's part slightly more. I then fiddled with my shopping bags at my feet and gave him a very good look at my lace panties. He kept glancing at the magazine and looking over the edge at me. I pretended not to notice. I had moved my shopping bags to the side of my chair, and when I twisted to look into my bags, my legs parted substantially, and I knew where his eyes were. This must have gone on for about thirty minutes. I finally got up, straighten my skirt, bent over to pick up my bags and purse while giving him a glance up the back of my skirt. I smiled at him as I walked past and left the mall.

Jul 16

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