Dangerous Curve Ahead

The Wife and I are always trying to find ways to spice up our s** life. There is a road sign in our neighborhood that reads "Dangerous Curve Ahead". I have been trying to talk my Wife into posing naked in front of this sign. It's the Holiday weekend and we don't have to work tomorrow so we have been drinking pretty heavy. It's midnight and the neighborhood is empty. Most people have Monday off so they have gone away and those that have to work are a sleep already. I suggest she get naked and we drive over to this sign and take a quick picture. She says she will do it but I have to be naked also. I figure it's a half mile at the most and it's midnight, who is going to know ? So we both strip down and drive over to the sign. Would you believe the police drive by? This Cop walks over to the car and shines his flashlight inside and asked what is going on. I try to explain but he wants us to get out of the car and walk to the back of our car in front of the police car head lights.My Wife has her arm across her chest and her hand is covering where her "bush" use to be. The Cop asks her if I am forcing her to be there and if she is covering marks on her body that I have inflicted on her. She assures the Officer that she is there on her own free will and drops her hands to her side to show him there are no abuse marks. Now my Wife is moving from one foot to the other and I know when she gets nervous she needs to pee. I explain this to the Officer and he tells my Wife she can go over my the bushes, "but it's dark and I don't know what is living in there". He suggests he and I move over to the side of the car to give her some privacy and she grab onto the bumper of my car and relieve herself there in the light. I look back and there is my Wife with her legs spread open so she won't pee on her feet, hanging onto the bumper of my car with her ass aimed at the headlights of the police car. I also notice the Officer's partner in the front seat adjusting the monitor that is probably connected to the video camera on the dash. I try to explain that we are married and just for fun we are going to take a picture in front of this sign. I admit to the officer that I have been drinking, but only live a half mile away. He explains to me that if we leave our car there and walk home he will not arrest me for DWI. So he follows us home in the police car with his blue lights flashing. No one drove by but if anyone looked out their windows there we were naked walking Home. When we get to our driveway he pulls up next to us and explains that they are only there for our safety. This is the first time my Wife realizes that there is a second officer in the car. She asks the second Officer it that is a video camera and he explains to her that it is erased after each shift. After all that I never got a picture in front of the sign.

Sep 29, 2013

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  • To funny to be real.
    But if so, the cops fpr sure knew that you are a couple.
    And they just use the "safety" excuse to see more or to
    abuse you .They wanted to to make a bad experience for you
    to blame you infront of other people or nrighbarhood....

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