I hate my life

My son cut off all my daughters beautiful hair. all the way down her back to the nape of her neck. i hate him. but worst of all - i am afriad of what he will do later in life. i've tried therapists after therapists and am giving it one more go. but i look at him and only feel disgust and rage and hate. i love my child - i'm his mother - but emotionally i am in shock and cannot wrap my head around it. i show him affection and am trying to be the best mother i can but i hate him.

i avoid him. i feel empty. i feel void. i feel dead inside and everyone can see it.

everytime i see my beautiful daughter, i lose it all over again.

i wish that i had never had children. or i wish that i could go back in time 8 years. or sleep for the next 5.

i hate my life.

Oct 1, 2013

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  • Maybe he knows you like your daughter better than him. Don't play favorites, it's stupid.

  • The kid's not gonna die for having short hair. And she's a kid, she won't give much of a s*** either way unless she sees it upsets YOU, then she will take her cue that something is wrong and become distressed. It'll be alright. The biggest issue I see here is the boy not respecting other people's bodies/property. That needs to be fixed ASAP, but the hair... don't worry about it, it grows back and in the meantime it'll be less to worry about!

  • How old are these kids? How old are you? Is there a grownup anywhere in the house?

  • And by "grownup" we mean "responsible adult," not just "I can shoot fvck trophies from between my legs"

  • I Don't understand the nature of your problem. Children do that kind of thing often. A hair cut is not harmful to anyone;s health. Is there any evidence your son is a threat to anyone? I think not. You seem to be harboring a lot of hard feelings towards men. These feelings are being projected onto your son. Treating him like he's wrong, evil, bad, or a mistake will make him act out. Please see a counselor about your personal problems.
    - A concerned parent

  • yep.....she needs to find somebody to bang to depression out of her.

  • Maybe it's just me, but I think you need to get laid.

  • Not sure how old your son is...but kids do things sometimes. Two years ago, my daughter was 3 and cut her hair - all of her bangs. This was a week before my brother's wedding and she was going to be the flower girl. Ugh! But it did grow back and it just turned into funny story. Sounds like you need help and a bit of a break. Do yourself a favor and ask for some help. Hire a babysitter for a couple of hours or take your child to day care and grab a friend and go for a walk, lunch or treat yourself to some "Me" time. If you're child is old enough, sign him up for some classes.soccer,gynasitcs etc.

  • It sounds like you are very angry. Try to relax, he is just a kid and it is just hair. Does your son remind you of someone you dislike? Try to spend time with your son and find out what a great kid he is! Enjoy him! My son did alot of things that p***** me off when he was little, but I dream that I could go back and just spend a day with him again as a kid!

  • Relax and things will get better..!!

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