I made a huge mistake divorcing my ex. I thought I had it all figured out. I was so sure it was what I wanted. It's been 9 months since I left and 2 months since our divorce was finalized. I have a new life now with my children. But I'm miserable. I even let "I love you" slip out at the end of one of our conversations lately. We are both seeing new people. He is seeing someone whom I have always thought he should be with, which makes things harder on me. Not only do I miss my old life with him, I feel guilty for asking for him back, I was selfish to leave him and now I can't selfishly ask for him back if he's with someone that I think he was meant to be with. Still I'm with someone I do have feelings for but it's just not the same. I cry often over this. I bear a lot of regrets and guilt, to the point that I just want to end my life. How could I have done this to my family, to my kids? How could I have just left my ex like it was nothing? :( I can't believe how big of a mistake I've made.

Sep 30, 2013

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  • A person trash can be,another's treasure!

  • Go drive off a bridge dummy

  • At least go and have a affair with him.

  • Do whatever you can to break him up from his new girlfriend. AND THEN GO GET HIM! He's yours. Start acting like it.

  • You are either a psycho or an idiot, either way you should go die in a ditch

  • dont feel giulty bcuz u love somebody and dont stop asking him to come back 2u. even if he only comes back to make love at least u still have that love and u kno he wants u more than her.

  • I see you have lost ,,,,, was it worth it,,,,, see now you lost the best thing in your life,,,, i think you get over it just stay with the man you cheat with ,,,, lol this is funny,,,,,the cheater came up the big loser,,,,,

  • You should just do him on the side, while trying -- VERY SUBTLY -- to convince him to take you back. Don't push him, but just make it clear that you need him more than your current partner, that you enjoy him more, and that you love him more. There's nothing with having both of them, since you're already unsatisfied with what you have.

  • Just remember why you broke up in the first place. Two people can love each other very much but still can't be together. Sometimes love just isn't enough.

  • This just makes the most sense compared to everything else that I read. People can be cruel and what you wrote was not selfish, it was real.

  • Why !!!! did you have affair on your husband,,,it didn't work out ,,,,, the word (Why) i type it not all your story here you need to tell rest the story?

  • We always want the thing we can't have. And God forbid that we get that thing, because we become encouraged to seek out another thing we can't have, continuing until we have developed a sense of entitlement to the unobtainable. What you're experiencing isn't new: it's been around forever and is called 'selfishness'.

  • My ex gf is going through the same things u going through I think.She left me two years ago for other men.The relationships withered away.Now she has been asking me back.She wonders how she could deny me the kids while forcing them on other men to love and raise.I am seeing a wonderful woman and she wants me to leave her.Must be normal to go through that.I'm considering going back with her just to raise the kids.I wanted her before but she did not want me and now she says she wants me forever.
    Maybe you did not want your ex before and now u have realized your mistake.But it does take two to mess up a marriage sometimes.
    I wish you a good decision and best of luck.

  • NIce and well said

  • The right match for you is out there and they will make you very happy some day. You and your ex separated for a number of reasons, neither one of you were truly happy. Time will pass and you will see things more clearly.

  • That's me all over and a lot of people make this grave mistake. My ex wife doted on me and i treated her like s***. That was my gutless way out of the marriage until she finally cried too many tears and asked me to leave. My life has never been the same.

  • Nice going.

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