I'm so confused

This guy, who I'll call Bob, and I used to be really good friends. We were even talking about going and hanging out at the end of the summer break, but he got a girlfriend.

What makes it confusing is that just before they began dating, he said, jokingly, that he liked a nice white corn. We were joking around later, and I called him Bob, and he called me Cathy white corn. This struck me as odd, but stupidly, I shrugged it off. About a week later, he starting dating someone, and he began being a j*** to me. They broke up like 2 weeks ago, and now he's really nice to me again.

Certain thoughts are running through my mind, but I'm not quite sure. What's going on with him?

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  • Bob is a black guy and Cathy is a white chick, He treats you like s*** while he's getting p**** somewhere else, and when they dump him, he is nice to you in hopes of pounding your c*** until he's had you then he will be g o n e

  • You just confused everybody here. White corn? WTF is that?

  • Lol sorry. He meant it as a joke, and he said it randomly. After he said it he called me Cathy White Corn, which is not my name.

  • Maybe he likes you? Anyone else agree?

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