I don't even know

So there is this guy. I have liked him for around 2 years. we were of an on friends but never really close. not that long ago over the summer we started being friends more. he started showing signs that he liked me and everyone kept telling me he did. I told him I like him eventually and he said that he liked someone else. we moved on and never really talked about it. we were bestfreinds. he would come over almost everyday and we would hangout. he would almost always wrestle me. for some reason he did that all of the time. sometimes he would even like wrap his arms around me and we would just lay in bed or whatever and sometimes fall asleep. we told each others EVREYTHING. he told me stuff he didn't even tell his guy bestfreinds. the point is we wee really close. he started dating the girl he said that he liked...they only dated for like 3 days and she broke up with him. at one point he seemed to like her a lot but not really when thy were dating he said he hated her and stuff after and they got in a fight about it because they decided to be friends after. they girl he likes and dated I was also friends with. the guy said he wanted to date her again and she wasn't intereted anymore. I told my friend ( the girl he 'likes'" some of the stuff he said about her. she got mad and texted him the stuff. he texted me and we got in a huge fight he started calling me names and said he was using me and we would never be friends again. which I don't understand because he kissed me on the cheek, wrestled with me, hugged me and slept with me. if people were mistaken they would have thought we were dating. and now he calls me names in Frount of his friends and stuff and they joke around about it all the time. the stuff he says hurts. he tries to talk to me casually when his friends aren't around but I ignore him. one night I started crying and he knew and I think he felt bad but I don't know for sure. now we haven't been freinds for weeks and when we were fighting he said he never wanted to be my friend again... I don't know what to do.. I'm starting to think he never liked me and he never will. even if that I feel like I need him back at least as my bestfreind.

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  • S**** that j*** - trust me, in 10 years he'll be going out if his way to be near you it never fails.

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