I'm not sure if anyone will read this but I need some advice. I've been dating my boyfriend for only two months but he's been my best friend for 2 years. I really love him and I have for about a year. The issue is that we argue literally all the time, it's neverending. We never used to argue when we weren't dating but now we do. it's getting kind of exhausting for me to talk to him because I get so stressed and I always feel like I'm doing something wrong when we argue. My mental health has been doing really poorly and it's directly correlated with dating him too. I love him so much though so I don't want to lose him. What should I do?

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  • Get something on the side, you head will get better right away.

  • I learned a long time ago that relationships are not worth the effort.
    I'm single and do what I want when I want.
    I don't to consider anybody else and I love it.
    My car, my flat, my food Choices and MY LIFE !!!
    Learn to love ❤ yourself and live happily ever after like I do and have done for many years.
    That's my attitude. Simple

  • Thank you for your help :)

  • In a relationship it is a give and take things and it also had Respect for each other.
    If there is no respect in your relationship your possibly going down the wrong road.
    You should feel good about yourself and he should feel the same thing about his self and in between you both have each other.
    Be true to yourself!! It sounds like it you argue with out resolution. When you argue do you talk about the issue or bring up the past?
    You should only talk about what the topic at hand and nothing else should be brought in to the conversion.
    If you fight about let's say food he shouldn't be saying I Don't like your blue jegging, it has nothing to do with the conversion about the food. This is just an example only!!!
    Good luck and stay well!!!
    P.S. my wife and I have been married. For over 30 years and when we talk about something or argue it is only about that subject only. Nothing else should be brought into the conversation.
    I'm a crossdresser and because we respect each other she backs me up with my dressing (she helps me buy things and get when I see something in the woman's dept) and I can relate to her view because I can see her side of things. So be truthful and honest with yourself and him all the time and I hope it works out for you. If it does not work find someone that will love you with earnest and with out judgment.
    Stay well healthy and most of all Happy!!!

  • What is the context of the arguments?

    If you aren't happy, you may need to consider letting him go... do it now while it's fresh. Trust me.

    However, it could be the case of digging deeper and learning how to argue better.

  • Thank you your advice is very helpful!

  • Did you start arguing before you started dating? If yes then you’re stupid. If no, then it’s an insecurity issue with deeper history you’ll have to dig up.

  • Sounds like an emotionally abusive relationship. You feeling stressed all the time and your mental health degrading while you've been together is definitely a red flag. He might be initiating fights in attempts to control you and put you down. No idea where you are from but here is the website of the US domestic abuse hotline:

    It has advice on how to know if you are being abuse, as well as support if you are.

  • Thank you!

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